TV Commercials

Marketing your brand

We produce high-quality adverts at a price that is extremely competitive internationally, without major compromises on quality. 

Our equipment is new, professional and of international standard. We maintain relationships with a range of experienced professionals who were involved in the production of Zimbabwe's most iconic adverts. We have contacts, knowledge and skill and will make sure your money goes on screen.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the Econet Premium TVC commercial we shot destined for DSTV. The creative agency was C2 Media.

Working behind the scenes at Maestro with Danish DOP Eric Witzgall. On the right is gaffer Farai Chimombe, a seasoned pro.

Simon de Swardt directing talent at Pariah State where the DJ scene was shot. In the foreground you see the Sony FS700 camera with Odyssey 7q Recorder which shoots 4K RAW, a high-level video format for adverts and films.

Eric checks a light whilst Simon admires the picture. Gregory - Grip - waits for his next instruction!


And here are some shots of the TVC we did for the Lafarge Tried and Trusted Strength campaign.

Camera Operator Linette Frewin surfaces from her black towel for a minute. The big white fabric frame (or "butterfly") is used to diffuse and soften the harsh late morning sun.

Gaffer Farai Chimombe uses a silver reflector to bounce a bit more directional light back onto the actor. Brendon Sole swings a boom in to get the mic close to the actor.

The Sony FS700 with Odyssey 7Q at the ready whilst everybody else takes a break.

Simon points at the screen for the purposes of this photoshoot