Live Feed

Helping the crowd see the show

Treasure Media has all the equipment necessary for a live feed to a big screen. We can provide the switcher, cameras, cabling, intercom and the expertise to operate it all! We can supply up to 8 cameras, and can incorporate live motion graphics directly into the programme.

For the last two years Treasure Media has been subcontracted to provide the live feed at HIFA. This year we are proud to say that we will again provide the live feed for HIFA 2015.

The screens at HIFA have been a great way to draw the audience into the performance.

Live feed at HIFA 2015

At HIFA 2015 we initiated the Treasure Media OB (cara)van! Here is Simon live switching the show from inside the van. The different images on the monitor are inputs from the four different cameras. Simon uses his Macbook Pro to do the switching and has live wireless communication with his cameramen at all times.


The life of a video mixer is lonely, cold and dark:

Close up of the caravan when all the lights are off for the show.