Zimbabwe from the air

Treasure Media has two drones that are specially designed for aerial videography. Both drones are provisionally registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe, in line with the proposed regulations on UAVs.

Drone videography is useful for industries like agriculture, tourism or large infrastructural projects. 

Our latest drone, the 3dr Solo describes itself as the world's first "smart drone" - a smartphone controlled drone, that can orbit, track, pan and tilt through a series of preplanned waypoints. Find out how the Solo's smartshots work here.

See our aerial showreel to get a sense of what aerial videography can do for you. We have five years experience experience flying quadcopters and a good understanding of the kind of shots that can be achieved using them.

Simon flying "Kamikaze" the Phantom 2 Vision+ at Bubye Valley Conservancy

Simon de Swardt flying "Kamikaze", the Phantom 2 Vision+ at the Bubye Valley Conservancy.